What did you have for breakfast today?

Athletes, and in fact everybody, need a good breakfast to start the day.

It is definitely wrong to be in training and skip breakfast. Some think that skipping meals is a good idea for reducing weight.

Experts have found that skipping meals has little to do with weight loss and may actually even do the reverse. They say eating 3 meals a day in moderation (minus in-between meals or snacks) is the answer to effective weight loss, and that moderation means not too much on carbohydrates and fats (macro nutrients), and more on veggies, fruits, and nuts (micro nutrients).

Many natural health experts have encouraged a breakfast free from processed foods. In other words, your body (after a ‘break’ of 8-10 hours) should be introduced fresh foods that can be easily assimilated or digested. This includes a good intake of fruits, yogurt and juices.

In Asia, I must say that most of us have rather unhealthy breakfasts. From dim sum to fried noodles, to nasi lemak, to porridge, bread, curry… the list goes on. Maybe we should start to reevaluate our breakfast habits.

What did you have for breakfast today?