Green Tea

At one time, drinking green tea was only seen in Japanese restaurants. But nowadays, green tea is common in most households as more began to recognise the health benefits and medicinal values.

Green tea has more health benefits compared to other Chinese teas like oolong and black tea, all of which come from the plant Camellia sinensis. Do you also know that green tea can offer health benefits especially in the fitness field. Drinking green tea can cause a person to burn down more calories. A recent study on the health benefits of green tea shows that the drink can help dieters.

Another health benefit of green tea is its bacteria-destroying properties. The health benefit of green tea in this area is that it can help prevent food poisoning and also prevent tooth decay. The substances found in green tea kill the bacteria causing food poisoning and those that cause dental plaque to form.

After all the goodness said, I still have to confess that drinking green tea in the evening keeps me awake. So go easy if you are sensitive to the ingredients of green tea.