A little on antioxidants

What are antioxidants? Antioxidants are important in body’s maintenance as they help block the damaging effects of free radicals through oxidation. Antioxidants are found naturally in vegetables, fruits, grain cereals, legumes, nuts etc. These include:

  • Fruits: berries and peppers
  • Vegetables: spinach
  • Fungi: mushrooms
  • Whole grain cereals: hops, barley, millet and maize (including beer)
  • Nuts: pecans, pistachios, and almonds
  • Beans: cacao (dark chocolate),

Vitamin E, a fat soluble vitamin, works to neutralize probable harmful free agents in the body. This vitamin also maintains healthy skin through protection of cell membranes, blood circulation, heart, nerves, red blood cells, and muscles.

Another popular antioxidant is the Vitamin C which effectively fights blood cell infection and is vital in collagen formation, wound healing, and formation of bone structures, capillaries, and teeth.

In many cases, poor diet would require advanced antioxidants daily supplement product to provide addition nutritional support for the body’s overall maintenance.