Six Doctors of Nature

Do you believe that nature always has a remedy? Here are the 6 doctors of nature:

1) Sunshine

Sunshine is necessary in the development of Vitamin D, which is needed to fix up the calcium in our body. Shut a child in the attic with no sunshine and he will develop loose teeth and soft gums. All living things need a definite amount of sunshine. Just keep in mind that overexposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun can be harmful to the skin.

2) Water

We can live without food for weeks but we can only live without water for a few days. 85% of our bodies is made up of fluids. Water is essential in carrying off toxic wastes from our bodies and brings rebuilding to damaged ones. It is however necessary to obtain pure water, such as from mountain springs or streams. Distilled water is helpful for arthritic patients as it helps to dissolve and get rid of heavy calcium salts in the joints and muscle structure.

3) Oxygen/Air

We need oxygen to survive. Do you know that oxygen helps to break up the waste material in your body? Without it, we cannot build any structure in our bodies. Oxygen can be increased by exercising and getting sufficient iron in our foods. That’s why it is refreshing to be near trees and green plants in the mornings as greens release oxygen and purify the carbon dioxide in the air.

4) Mother Earth

It is our responsibility to take care of what God what has given us – Mother Earth! This will ensure well mineralized soil and food crops so our bodies can have every nutrient they need from the foods we eat. Unfortunately, men have contaminated much of it with man-made chemicals which led to food crops that are unnatural and toxic.

5) Food

I am referring to whole foods here. It is important to keep the acid/alkaline balance of the foods we eat. Ideally, it should be 80% alkaline and 20% acid foods, based on the assumption of a healthy and active individual. Fruits contain more vitamins than vegetables with the exception of carrots and turnips. Generally, vegetables are higher in mineral salts than fruits. Fruits stir up body acides and vegetables help carry off acids.

6) Emotions

When we are relaxed and quiet, tissue repair takes place in our bodies. Guard your emotions. Emotional balance and good mental philosophy helps to repair and rebuild your body. Be surrounded by peace, joy, pure thoughts and freedom. You may run into financial problems, marital problems, children problems, work problems and many other disturbances. But if your emotional nature is secure, you can be at peace.