Sunflower Oil Therapy – A Miracle Therapy


Have you heard about Dr F Karach oil therapy? Apparently, this simple natural healing method has provided hope to a wide variety of diseases which would normally be treated by surgeries and strong potent drgus that would usually cause adverse side effects. According to the report, Dr Karach oil therapy has healed a chronic leukaemia patient who had undergone 15 years of harsh medical treatment and an acute arthritis patient who was totally bedridden. Other terminal diseases that have successfully been replaced by this simple therapy include cancer, AIDS and chronic infections.

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Cellulite and your diet

Following from my earlier post on cellulite, let’s look at how diet plays a part in fighting cellulite.

Eating foods that are easily digestible and absorbed by your system can help to reduce cellulite. This would mean avoiding junk foods in your diet as fatty foods tend to end up as fat deposits under your skin which causes cellulite in the long run.
Say YES to these foods…

• Eat more of fresh and whole foods rather than heavily processed foods. This includes fresh fruits, raw vegetables, whole-grain foods and complex carbohydrates.

• Drink 2 to 3 litres of water each day to flush toxins out of your system: Toxin build-up can decrease the liver’s capacity to metabolize fats efficiently, leading to cellulite.

• Look out for low-fat versions of dairy products, such as low-fat cheese, low fat yogurt and skimmed milk.

• Including some of these supplements may improve cellulite – lecithin, linoleic acid, flaxseed oil and coenzyme Q10.

Say NO to these foods…

• Processed and refined foods can worsen the appearance of cellulite. These include chocolates, fizzy drinks and sodas, white flour, starch and sugar.

• Limit your consumption of animal fats and fried foods.

• Cutting down your salt intake also helps as excess salts can contribute to water retention.

Finally, toning exercises for the legs and thighs are helpful to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Getting a tan is a quickest way to make cellulite less noticeable! (Just keep in mind that this isn’t a long term solution as excessive sun exposure can cause skin damage)

Learn medical stuff the fun way

I have heard about the danger of Asbestos years ago but never quite understood how serious it can be when you inhale even tiny amounts of that. Apparently, when Asbestos gets brittle over time, inhaling it can cause the fibers to lodge in your lungs and leads to the high risk of cancer. This type of lung cancer is called Mesothelioma. If you like to know more about this, check out this lighthearted and fun medical website that explains more of this disease and other bizarre diseases. The authors of the site have added humour, cartoons, fun, photos and jokes to pass along these important medical and health information to the general public.