Sunflower Oil Therapy – A Miracle Therapy


Have you heard about Dr F Karach oil therapy? Apparently, this simple natural healing method has provided hope to a wide variety of diseases which would normally be treated by surgeries and strong potent drgus that would usually cause adverse side effects. According to the report, Dr Karach oil therapy has healed a chronic leukaemia patient who had undergone 15 years of harsh medical treatment and an acute arthritis patient who was totally bedridden. Other terminal diseases that have successfully been replaced by this simple therapy include cancer, AIDS and chronic infections.

Here is how it works:

1. Do it first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth and before taking any drinks or meals.

2. Hold one tablespoon of sunflower oil in your mouth. DO NOT SWALLOW! Use only organic cold-pressed oil.

3. Rinse backwards and forwards without excessive pressure for 15-20mins. Make sure oil is swilled between the teeth, at the same time stimulate the salivary glands by exercising the jaw as if chewing.

4. Spit out the oil. Rinse your mouth and brush your teeth thoroughly.

5. Clean your sink and toothbrush thoroughly. (When view under a microscope, one drop of this oil and saliva mixture will reveal a large number of fungal spores, bacteria and other microscopic organism).


1. Oil spit out after gargling will become white like bleached wool. If oil still appears yellow when spit out, continue the method daily until it turns white.

2. The toxins and bacteriophages within the circulatory system will be extracted by the oral salivary glands thereby cleaning the blood. For this reason, one must under no circumstances swallow any of the oil rinsed in the mouth because it may contain elements of extreme toxicity.

3. Reversal syndrome: In a few people who suffered from severe diseases (esp chronic or terminal illnesses), an apparent worsening of conditions may occur initially. This is the initial reversal syndrome before recovery.

Dr Karach explained that when this happens, it is an excellent sign that disease is progressively being removed from the body. The oil treatment will be able to facilitate rapid healing. He recommends that the treatment to be continued even when fevers are initiated.

4. Be persistent. Acute illnesses are usually improved in 2-3 days. Chronic illnesses may take up to one year. DO NOT GIVE UP. Many patients with terminal illnesses who have persisted with this treatment were benefited. Continue the therapy until you experience calmness of sleep, healthy appetite, no sign of tiredness in the morning and significantly improved memory.

5. Eat organic and laugh always. A merry heart does good like a medicine.