Where is your next healthful vacation?


Lately, I have been browsing through some all-inclusive travel vacations for our family. The term ‘all-inclusive’ means ‘everything’ included.. almost! That means you can have unlimited meals, entertainment activities, water and land sports, children’s activities..etc.

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The 10 ‘most wanted’ chemicals in your skincare and haircare products

How do you tell if a skincare, haircare or beauty product you are using is so called ‘natural’? These are the “10 most wanted” cosmetic ingredients you want to make sure are not present if a product claimed to be ‘natural’:

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Remedies for bowel problems

If you have bowel problems, here are some remedies that can help:

As a soft food, grapes are wonderful if skin and seeds are eliminated. Acidophilus culture to help change the intestines flora is a wonderful aid to. Whey is also good. If it’s powdered, take a tablespoon three  times a day.

Massaging the abdomen with olive oil will sometimes help until a good balanced system is established.

Exercise is necessary also. You can get well without exercise! I once read that one of the useful exercises for the bowel is to take an orange or lemon, or a tennis ball, and work this around the abdomen 15 -25 times, untio a good balance is established in the body. Try it.