The latest talk on air pollution

We can live without food for up to 40 days but we cannot live without air for only a few moments. Our health is compromised by air pollution. Of the thousands of chemicals that pollute the air on planet Earth, most come from industrial processes and auto exhaust emissions.

Air pollution is known to cause damage to our environment and specific health problems like asthma, cancer, neurological damage, birth defects and allergic reactions. Some of the known short term health effects of air pollution include irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat, and an increased susceptibility to upper respiratory infections. Children consume twice as much air as adults and are therefore more susceptible to the effects of poor air.

Do you know that the airline industry is one of the biggest contributor to air pollution? Thus, there is a talk on the prize of 25 million to the first continent-and-ocean-crossing passenger-airline, which will revolutionize the future of air and space travels, before 2021. This First Green Trans Oceanic Airplane will be fully pollution free in the air and on the ground. This campaign is calling for a change in the way we live – our attitudes and responsibility towards Mother Earth.

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