Fresh Air Heals Wounds

A Swiss doctor, Dr Charles Rollier, known for his treatment of tuberculosis, says, “It is a well known fact that wounds exposed to sunshine and fresh air heal more rapidly then when bandaged. In fact, no wound will heal without air. In order for wounds to heal quickly, it is most important that they be exposed to a constant supply of pure, fresh air.”

What if you live in a urban city and there is no ‘fresh’ air? Here are the tips:


• Vitamin C – 500 mg daily

• Vitamin A – 30,000 units daily

• Green juices – alfalfa, barley grass or spirulina

• Take oxygen-giving foods – sprouts are the best!

• Consume more green vegetables

• Eat water-bearing fruits and those that have a lot of iron in them.

• Drink black cherry juice – this is necessary to regenerate the lung supply and to prevent many of the respiratory/mucus conditions we develop in the polluted city.