The wonders of chlorophyll


Have you heard about liquid chlorophyll? Chlorophyll is the substance that gives plants their green colour. I just learnt that it is a great deodorizer and cleaner. For bad breath (which usually comes from the stomach), take half teaspoon in half cup water before breakfast. Chlorophyll also reduces body odor.

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I like a new workbench for my kitchen


These days, I tend to enjoy cooking and having our simple meals of fresh organic vegetables on the dinner table. As much as I would like to have everything organic, it is not easy getting organic meats in Malaysia. Couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to organic fish that was free from chemicals, mercury and other metals. We bought one to try and it turned out to be yummy and tasty. [Read more…]

Drinking tea becomes a real art


I have yet to come across any household who doesn’t have tea in the pantry. Not only has it become a common beverage for most of us, drinking tea is a social habit especially in Asia. It is common to find people chatting and relaxing over a cup of tea in a teahouse in this region.

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