Drinking tea becomes a real art


I have yet to come across any household who doesn’t have tea in the pantry. Not only has it become a common beverage for most of us, drinking tea is a social habit especially in Asia. It is common to find people chatting and relaxing over a cup of tea in a teahouse in this region.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you can entertain your guests or visitors with a pot of art and fragrant flower tea while influencing them with the health benefits of tea itself? Full Bloom Tea is the online retailer who specializes in selling unique tea blooms that turn into a beautiful floral bouquet when placed in a pot of hot water. These tea blooms are made using rare silver needle tea leaves and further infused with naturally grown dehydrated flowers like Jasmine, Globe Amaranth and Marigold, to name a few. The infusion adds natural fragrance and flavour to the tea.

Drinking tea delivers a host of health benefits including:

• dispelling heat on hot, summer days

• tea leaves contain 20-30% tannic acid, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and germicidal properties

• contains an alkaloid (5%, mainly caffeine), a stimulant for the nerve center and the process of metabolism

• promotes digestion of meat and fat in your diet

• helps smokers to discharge nicotine out of the system.


Full Bloom Tea stocks 13 different kinds of tea blooms with meaningful names such as friendship bloom, fire bloom, let love bloom, aloha bloom and more. You can read the benefits of every tea bloom at the website. Singer Gwen Stefani of lamb clothing adores these blooms and uses them as gift ideas for her loyal clients.

For mother’s day, you can reward mum with a Full Bloom Tea Set which comes nicely packed with a nice tea pot, 2 tea cups and a dozen of tea blooms. Otherwise, these tea blooms make nice gift sets for friends and business associates on those special occasions.