I like a new workbench for my kitchen


These days, I tend to enjoy cooking and having our simple meals of fresh organic vegetables on the dinner table. As much as I would like to have everything organic, it is not easy getting organic meats in Malaysia. Couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to organic fish that was free from chemicals, mercury and other metals. We bought one to try and it turned out to be yummy and tasty.

Another thing I really want is to have a new workbench for the kitchen. Currently, I only have a small working area which limits my kitchen preparation activities. A sturdy workbench with a large table top will be nice when cutting those organic vegetables and chopping meats. I know most of these workbenches are used for garage purposes and woodwork but I think it will be equally useful when placed in a kitchen. Adding to that, I would prefer a stainless steel top with these workbenches.