The wonders of chlorophyll


Have you heard about liquid chlorophyll? Chlorophyll is the substance that gives plants their green colour. I just learnt that it is a great deodorizer and cleaner. For bad breath (which usually comes from the stomach), take half teaspoon in half cup water before breakfast. Chlorophyll also reduces body odor.

Liquid chlorophyll is also one of the heart remedies; it is high in potassium and is a great body builder. Being nature’s greatest cleansing agent, it is one of the great remedies in all liver troubles too.

If you have bleeding gums, use it as a mouthwash, holding it in the mouth for two or three minutes until the effect of chlorophyll can come about through the absorption of this fluid. Research has also found chlorophyll to be effective in stopping tooth decay.

To get chlorophyll, simply juice drinks from the tops of vegetables such as green kale, turnip tops, carrot tops, beet tops and other green vegetables. A business associate of mine who enjoys the lively San Diego nightlife believes that this is much easier than to suffer with an aching tooth or to pay the dentist’s bill.