Music affects our mood

Music can do our glands a lot of good. We have all heard music that makes us want to cry, and we hae felt joyous with upbeat music. Music has an effect upon the human body, just as it has on fish, animals and even plant life. Usually, we will pick a type of music for our mood. For instance, classical music has a soothing effect. When I am feeling tired, soft music can be quite pleasing and uplifting. Dr Clevens at Orlando cosmetic surgery believes that the music helps to calm patients prior to any surgery.
When music is playing at a certain tempo, it is normal to start tapping your toes and move your body. Music does something magical to the body. It can bring mental relaxation and healing. So when you are tired, try some soothing music, relax your mind and allow that magic to take place…

Truths, Myths and Solution for Hair Loss

hair2.jpgThere are many things we neglect in our body and in our daily habits. And one of them is our hair. People are losing their hair because they do not take care of it in the way they should. Having a beautiful crown needs more care than just daily combing or brushing.

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More about hair

To revitalize our hair we must conserve our energy, stop working when we are tired and take more silicon foods. Give your scalp a 30 minutes massage twice a week for at least six to eight weeks, and you will notice some results. In fact, the itching of dandruff can also be relieved through the use of regular scalp massage.

If there is a fungus growth on the scalp, a good remedy is to use sheep fat and a little garlic oil. Leave it on the hair for a period of 20 minutes, then shampoo. Washing the hair in soft water and castile soap is wonderful. According to an article from  Fort Myers plastic surgery, the gentle friction of the massage will bring the proper heat and blood to the surface and help the hair shoots to develop and grow in the proper head of hair.