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In conjunction to an interesting writing project hosted by Problogger on “Top 5”, here is a potpourri of health and nutritional tips that I have discovered in my research over time. I will break the post in 2 parts to make it bite-size. This one focus on the TOP 5 Special Health Tips and Part 2 will be on TOP 5 Special Nutritonal Tips. Have a read and do consider incorporating them into your lifestyle for better health… all these can be practised easily in the comforts of your home…

1. A Golf Ball

Because of its curve, a golf ball is a fine thing to be used for exercising the metatarsal arch, working the foot back and forth on it. If we could learn to walk with the soles of the feet turned in, we would find some degree of relief for lower back pain.

2. A Vegetable Skin Brush

This will help bring on relaxation when used on the soles of the feet at night before going to bed. Four or five minutes of light brushing, especially by another person, will bring relaxation.

3. Elimination Diet

An excellent five-day elimination and cleansing regimen has been devised to improve bowel tone and improve transit time. For the first 3 days drink juices of any kind (except citrus) and take 1 teaspoon of high-fiber powder such as psyllium seed five times daily in a glass of water or apple juice. (The fiber in the psyllium also reduces blood levels of cholesterol.)

During the next 2 days, eat only fruits, vegetables and juices and have a fiber drink three times daily. Always folow the fiber drink with a second glass of water only. On the sixth day, return to your regular health and eating regimen continuing the fiber drink 3 times daily for another week. Drink additional water (as much as 3 quarts) throught the regimen.

4. Water Packs

Many times joint pain may be relieved by wrapping the area in a towel wrung out in cold water, then wrapping with a dry towel to hold in the moisture. This will also help to relieve stiffness in the joints.

5. Comb to Relieve Pain

We can sometimes relieve pain by placing a comb in the palm of our hand and holding the teeth of the comb firmly against the tips of the fingers.
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