benefits of slow juicing

I began my regular juicing few days ago after along break of two years due to the demands of motherhood and work, plus my personal procrastination. If you haven’t tried juice fasting, you ought to some time. Opposed from most people who use fast speed centrifugal juicer method, I prefer a cold-pressed juicer that operates in a mastication process: the fibres are chewed and thus, broke up the cells of the vegetables and fruits. [Read more…]

Identifying Stroke

Last week, DH received an email on the subject that is very close to his heart. About 15 years ago, both his parents had suffered from a stroke and as you know, stroke remains the third leading cause of death, behind heart disease and cancer.

According to the doctors, the main cause of stroke is due to our lifestyle and age. Nowdays, in this hectic lifestyle of ours, many things may happen to our fragile life. The question is how do we react when stroke suddenly strike us or our family in the most unexpected time of our lives.

If everyone can remember this simple information, we could save some folks who are close to us. Seriously, I urge you to read on… [Read more…]

colon cleansing

My first experience with colon cleansing was in 2002 when I did my first detox. It was to my shock then to know that colon cancer was the no.2 killer after heart attack. A sluggish colon is the cause of many health problems including poor digestion, toxemia, constipation, bloating, poor metabolism and poor assimilation. It is important to take care of your colon health by eating more fruits and vegetables and practise healthy eating habits. [Read more…]