colon cleansing

My first experience with colon cleansing was in 2002 when I did my first detox. It was to my shock then to know that colon cancer was the no.2 killer after heart attack. A sluggish colon is the cause of many health problems including poor digestion, toxemia, constipation, bloating, poor metabolism and poor assimilation. It is important to take care of your colon health by eating more fruits and vegetables and practise healthy eating habits.


The first step to a detox program begins with the cleansing of the colon. I came to know about Bowtrol forum, a health forum that discusses about natural health products in the marketplace. Bowtrol helps in colon cleansing with its formulation of natural herbal ingredients. According to a couple of Bowtrol reviews, taking Bowtrol increases your bowel movements but it doesn’t cause discomforts or loose stools. If you are keen to buy Bowtrol, do spend a little more time at the forum and read what others have to say. And if you have any concerns, the best thing to do is to ask and that’s the good thing about forums.