wonders of aloe vera – pt 1


I have a few aloe vera pots in my little garden and sometimes I almost forget that it is one of the oldest remedies known. When the leaf of the aloe vera plant is peeled back, you will find the crystal clear, jelly like juice of the plant which is the reputed ‘healing’ gel. This aloe gel is soothing and rapidly relieves pain, burning and itching. It is speedily absorbed and helps to reduce scar tissue formation, does not stain, and has no unpleasant odor. The gel can also be used as an oitment for insect bites, burns, sores and swellings by merely spreading it on the afflicted area.

A friend of mine who works in real estate use it and bandage onto afflicted areas by slicing the leaves open and placing them over teh wound. Unused portions of leaves may be kept in the fridge for future use. Doctors have used aloe vera in the treatment of burns of all degrees of seriousness, and several large hospitals have tested aloes in the treatment of X ray and radiation reactions. The aloe gel is also used as a household remedy for skin disturbances, cysts, sties and other external disorders.