My detox program

I’m on the third day of my detox and I’m feeling great. I thought I would share on how my detox and rejuvenation program works, so here it is:

Upon waking:

1. Cleansing drink – honey + apple cider vinegar + herbal cleanse powder (for cleansing the colon) in a glass of water

2. Tissue Building drink – honey + apple cider vinegar + spirulina powder in a glass of water

3. A sachet of friendly bacteria

4. Coffee enema – What’s that? You asked!

5. Health drink – fresh juice of carrots + apple + 1 sachet of super green food
Well, this process (except for enema) will repeat 4-5 times through the day with one more enema in the evening. I know some of you are raising your eyebrows on some of the supplements used. I will explain their benefits and cover them in details in the next post.

During this detox process, I am only allowed to eat potatoes (steamed or baked), vegetables, fruits (except durian + jackfruit), yogurt, flaxseed oil and that’s it! No rice, noodles, seasonings, sugar, flour products, nuts, beans….etc.

Some of you may be shaking your heads now – lol. But trust me, my friends, a real and full detox requires a fast from your regular diet. This facilitates in the cleansing and detoxification work of the body with supplements that build new cells during the process.

Well, I think I deserve a florida vacation after going through a long week of detoxification 🙂