Healing reaction/healing crisis

Last night, I sensed my voice changing, then I knew I had a throat infection. This morning, I woke up with no voice and in the afternoon, I felt a fever coming upon me. This is my 4th day of detox and I’m experiencing what they call ‘a healing reaction’ or ‘healing crisis’. This is a positive sign of poisons being removed from the body. The comforting thing is symptoms of these healing reactions are temporary so there is nothing to be alarmed about.

In the healing crisis, we eliminate this toxic material through discharges, pains, convulsions, extreme contractions, eliminations from various parts of the body. It can be mucus phlegm from the bronchial tubes, sinus, ears and other parts of the body. We pollute our body with heavy toxic materials, bad foods, soft drinks, fats, fried foods, and so on, to the point that when cleansing takes place, it comes on in a violent reaction or a fever.

Take heart cos there is no foreign matter that can stay in our bodies during a healing crisis because the blood is making new tissue. New tissue takes the place of the old. So we should not suppress a healing crisis or the eliminative processes. Suppressing a discharge can lead to chronic diseases. Now I’m thinking if I should conduct my next detox in an Orlando vacation home rental where Clayton can be entertained by activities and I can just focus on relaxation and getting well with no other distractions!