natural treatment for herpes cure

This is a sensitive for some individuals suffering from the disease yet it is important to highlight some known facts about it. Herpes is a STD disease and viral infection that is evident with the symptoms of cold sores, blisters and genital herpes that lead to itching, throbbing and rashes. It can be an unpleasant, frustrating and emotional experience. Research shows that 1 in 5 adults in the US is affected with herpes.

As there is no known permanent cure for herpes, those affected need to take hygiene seriously by keeping the affected skin area clean and dry at all times during an outbreak. Keep your health in optimum condition and limit stress levels in your life.

all about sugar


Sugar hinders the body’s immune system and predisposes people to allergies and infections. Some of the health conditions associated with the overconsumption of sugar: allergies, obesity eating disorders, eczema, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and kidney stones, learning disabilities, irritable bowel syndrome, depression candida, anxiety, hyperactivity in children, dental cavities, diabetes and countless others. [Read more…]

help for teen depression

Parenting in the 21st century is exciting and packed with lots of new surprises, challenges and fresh experiences. While some may cruise through parenthood, others face difficulties in coping with rebellious children and willful teens. The truth is, it is not easy being teens in the internet and fast technology age too. Teens these days are surrounded by academic work pressures, self esteem issues, eating disorders, peer pressures, anxieties, drug and alcohol abuse and some serious problems including suicide and teen depression.

As parents, it is our responsibility to pay careful attention to the needs of our growing children and be sensitive to extend our love and care in their growing pains. If you have teens in the home who are facing one or more of the above challenges, Kick-Out-Stress program is designed to combat teen stress while  treating teenage depression which includes a PC and Mac computer program, an audio CD and a fully illustrated workbook. The common mistake made by most parents with challenging teens is that they only find start searching for help when the problems get serious but the right thing to do is to find look into a good program when the first sign of teen depression is detected.

Are you ready to help your teens with the stresses of life?