are you planning for a vacation?


All of us have different styles and preferences in ensuring that we have a restful and healthy vacation. Like for my other half, he wouldn’t bother about healthy eating when he’s on vacation but I would be more selective with my nutrition. I do believe in occasional indulgences but I’m just more disciplined than he is.

Since I am planning to include Lanikai beach in our Hawaii travel itinerary, I am reading reviews of real travelers at the Hawaiian beach rentals website. Besides, gather some tips and finding out more Hawaiian travel information from ‘been there, done that’ travelers, it helps to know where are the better places to stay, visit, dine and play. It looks like this hillside home at Lanikai Beach has many raving reviews that prompt me to a visit. According to the reviews, the sounds of waves and chirpy birds plus the cosy interiors of the home contribute to making this place a restful and relaxing vacation for these travelers. It is hard not to relax your mind and body when you are greeted by cooling breezes and the beautiful tropical surroundings at the deck area. Sounds like the place I wanna be 🙂
Are you planning for a restful vacation anytime soon? Where would it be?