Kosmix – a one-stop portal to find health information

The worldwide web is a great place to search for any medical information or health topic which increases my knowledge and expand my views in these areas. While I find google search a powerful tool, it can be mind boggling when the results display pages that may not be relevant to what I’m searching for.


Here is Kosmix, a portal where you can find information for any health topic on the web – dementia, high blood pressure, weight loss and even atkins diet. When I enter “atkins diet” on the site, it displays a definition of atkins diet and other resources that are related to the topic. You can view pictures, watch videos and read articles on atkins diet, find out the basic facts, visit the forum, blogs on atkins and research in the subject itself. The best feature of this portal is the ability to explore other topics including diets, diseases, causes, beauty concerns, supplements, fruits and vegetables that are related to atkins diet.

Kosmix is a great stop to conduct research and explore all other health topics. It saves you time from navigating around the web for the information you are looking for.