writing leads to good night sleep


I read once in an article that they key to a good night’s sleep is to express yourself in writing. In other words, if there is something bothering you, don’t sleep over it nor brood over it, write it down.

The results of writing about what is bothering you can ease you one of the biggest health complaints of older folks: not getting a good night’s sleep. [Read more…]

take a restful and relaxing vacation

There is a rising need to be recharged and be rejuvenated as we progress in our careers and work life. So, take time to have a vacation whenever you can afford to.

It’s hard not to enjoy a restful and relaxing vacation when you are tucked away in a hotel that features 5 pools (some heated) at the Rio Las Vegas, or tan on the sandy beach in a lagoon setting. A wonderful way to unwind at the pool, beach, and spa areas, complete while the children have their fair share of fun at the whirlpools, waterfalls, cabanas, sundecks, and more. For those who like to keep fit, the fitness center has all the equipment you need. With numerous golf courses near the hotel, golfers can bring their golf clubs too.

wanna get clean and healthy, go green


If you really want to get clean, go green. For decades, people around the world have consumed rejuvenating green foods like blood cleansing tonics especially in early spring after a winter of dried and preserved foods. [Read more…]