are you clean inside?

Are you clean inside?  Most people take great pains to take care of the outside of the body such as showering, brushing your teeth and washing your hair.  However, the colon as well as some of your other body organs needs regular cleansing.  Here is basically how a colon cleanse works.

How is your body detoxified?  Here are a few quick pointers:

1. You must first do a colon cleanse with certain herbs in order to clean out the  debris, toxins and parasites.

2. While you cleanse the colon, you must put back into your body the good bacteria which are necessary to protect the flora balance.  As this is a vital part of the immune system, the good bacteria is necessary to protect your body.

3. Finally, you must use specific herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to detoxify your blood, liver, tissues and brain.