colours bring relaxation


Everyone of us has our own way to relax that tired mind and spirit. While some will choose a game of golf and others a spa massage, there are those who relax over a coffee by themselves to relax their mind. Exercise and fitness are both great ways to relax as long you don’t overdo it. For me, I enjoy traveling, trod on new or familiar places and learn a new culture. Being an art student, I feel relaxed over a calm and tranquil painting in an art gallery or museum. On days when I’m tired, a cheerful painting can enlighten and bring comfort as colours is a wonderful form of therapy.

I enjoy the works of Monet and Paul Cezanne especially the way they depict nature and living things in vivid, lively and subtle hues but I can’t afford any of them. Beholding them can add the extra ambience in the house or living home when you chose one that complements your interiors. But I am told that Overstock Art is a great place to buy art reproductions by these masters of art. They resemble very close to originals except that they are not handpainted by the original artists. I took a browse and spotted all of my Monet’s favourites – Poppy Field in Argenteuil, Tulip Field with the Rijnsburg Windmill and Poppy Field near Giverny – how I love the colours and compositions of these paintings.

So, if you need something to liven up with living space or workspace, check out these online Handmade Art Reproductions .