watch your weight this festive

After seven days in the cruise ship, it’s nice to be back on land again. I think I have not so regular in my meals for a long time until I boarded the cruise ship!

With freestyle cruising, you can choose your dining options and basically, you observe your meal times regularly too since you are on the ship most of the time. Besides those ports of call, we spent most of the time dining and resting in the stateroom.

One thing I noticed during these seven days – there were so individuals who seemed to be having problems with weight issues. I saw a very big sized woman who had to be on wheel chair bound. At some point, I thought she might be on ephedra diet pills to overcome her obese problem. Then, I also noticed that some were overeating as their plates were filled with lots of fatty and rich foods though they looked like they needed to lose some weight.

The nice thing with the cruise was that there was a nicely-equipped fitness centre for all passengers but I doubt it was fully utilized. I would have visited the centre on some days if I had my work out shoes with me.
Since Christmas is around the corner, be sure to watch what you are and eating and don’t forget to exercise and stay fit too. Watch your weight this festive 🙂