promote green living this festive

How nice is it to be friendly to our environment without sacrificing our sense of style and love for beautiful things. I discover Green and More, an online store for apparel, accessories, bags, home and living items and body care products.The company’s mission is about being responsible to our environment in our lifestyle practices which include the use of eco-friendly, sustainable materials; employing energy efficient and low-impact production; investing in renewable energy and carbon offsets; and maximizing recycling and waste reduction. In addition to these practices, Green and more supports organic manufacturing and farming and even has an interesting blog (Green Musings) set up for eco products supporters to air their views. is also a perfect place to shop for eco-friendly gifts for friends and business associates during this festive season. This is one thing you can do to promote green living as well as do Mother Nature a great favour. So take a look at the online store and see what you can do to promote a greener lifestyle in the coming New Year!