benefits of roses


Health stores enjoy the benefits of the rose market. It is widely known that rose hips are high in Vitamin C. Rosehips are the ‘fruit’ that develops once the petals have fallen off the rose flower, about the size of a cherry, and similar in taste to a cranberry. Indeed there are many vitamins on the market that tout the addition of rose hips. Even Vitamin C itself can have the added appeal of rosehips.
Although, not a popular idea anymore, many recipes can be made using rosehips. You must remove all seeds to avoid discomfort when digested. This shouldn’t scare a person from experimenting with the recipes. Many foods must be properly prepared to avoid digestive problems.

Roses can be used in so many ways. I recall the spa that I frequent uses fresh rose petals in their bathing water. You can even scatter the rose petals in potpourri bowls or placed them in crystal vases. They are delightful and their sweet and natural fragrance can relax the soul and calm the mind. No wonder these petals are sold in Fifty Flowers dot com for the brides to be for use on their big day!