women should drink in moderation

We all have a drink or two during dinner or meal times or on special occasions when celebrations are called for. However, in all things, moderation is always the key. Studies have shown that women who consume alcohol at any rate can struggle with infertility during their lives.

Sometimes it could cause a woman who is trying to get pregnant to suffer from miscarriages, never having a successful pregnancy. Often times if the woman does carry on throughout the pregnancy, many complications can occur during childbirth and after, affecting the baby and the mother. Women need to be aware about all of the risks of infertility involved from alcoholism or just being “moderate” drinkers. Too much intake of alcohol in women can result in problems with ovulation, which is what would cause her not to have the ability to become pregnant. Another problem that can occur from women drinking too much alcohol is increased levels of progesterone and estrogen.