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Fruit of pomegranate

Pomegranate image via Wikipedia

One of my favourite things is to pay a visit to organic and natural health store during my free time. These days, I notice alot of new fruit juices on the natural health store I frequently patronized. When I was a child, I used to ask my mom for those red flesh seeds in the pomegranate fruit and little do I know that this humble fruit is power-packed with lots of Vitamin C!

People are turning to nature for health solutions. For instance, Acai Berry is known to be packed with antioxidants and is harvested by Brazilians for hundreds of years as a food staple and for their rejuvenating and detoxifying properties. Acai Berry is now a popular ingredient in some weight loss pills!

Last month, I bought a bottle of mulberry juice, after learning about the mulberry fruit can benefit the kidneys, and treat weakness, fatigue, anemia, and premature graying of hair. It is also used to treat those suffering from urinary incontinence, tinnitus, dizziness, and constipation in the elderly and the anemic. I used to think of Mulberry trees as a nice little symbol for a brand retailer but with these interesting facts, I now understood why people are planting these health fruit trees!

I believe that more and more health supplements and nutritionals will continue to come from nature itself. And for all you know, you will soon be planting more fruit trees and herbal plants in your home garden!