simple steps for helpful management of stress

Every now and then, a person is bound to experience stress from family, work, jobs in business, social situations, finances, or illness. It may be a ‘short-term’ stress resulting from every day situations such as being stuck in traffic or being confronted by the boss at work.

A lot of people who have learned to practice effective management of stress have learned to successfully cope with stressful circumstances and never seem to get stressed.  Here are some simple steps for helpful management of stress:

1) Create a list
Effective management of stress means being aware of the things that cause one’s stress; think what triggers the most stress, list them down with its stress levels and how it affects you.

2) Take control
Make a decision on the things in the list that can be resolved.  Keep in mind that not everything in the list is within your control, but even if these events are uncontrollable, one can control the way that they respond to it.  The slightest changes, such as not getting ‘worked up’ in rush hour traffics but instead listening to music or favorite radio show, make a significant difference in helping one feel in control of their life.

3) Unloading and learning to say no
There are just some things at  jobs in business or at home that one don’­t want or can’­t do, and the best thing to do is let them go rather than letting it stress you out – if possible, cross them out of the list.  Do not commit to new tasks simply because of the feeling of – ‘I have to’ -learn to say ‘no’.