a hot spring bath in a ryokan

After many days of long walks in the streets of tokyo, I was glad to check into a luxury ryokan in hakone. This was our first experience in a japanese style ryokan and we were so excited to have a private hot spring bath in our room!

Nothing can beat a good soak in a hot spring after all those tired hours of traveling. I could literally feel the muscles easing and my mind totally relaxed! After a nice soak in the hot spring bath, a nice cup of japanese green tea was said to replenish and restore the body’s energy to optimum. It is no wonder why there are green tea diets around these days cos some health experts have claimed that green tea contains ingredients that can help with weight loss. People who are looking for weight loss options search from alli to hoodiia, some even opt for invasive surgeries and body wraps and such.

Now that we are back in the city, I can only hope that we can one day return to a hot spring ryokan to enjoy the wonderful benefits of the hot spring water – to once again ease those aching muscles and tired mind, to be fully recharged and restored to meet with every day’s new stresses.