be refreshed and recharged

This is the time of the year where many people plan family vacations and research travel deals as the festive draws near. No matter how busy or how hard you have worked throughout the year, it is important to take time off for a break for yourself and your family.

I am on my 6th night of my family vacation which explains why I haven’t been very regular in my blog posting. I am very thankful that I can spend this time with my hubby and preschooler and I have also made it a point to do ‘slow’ travel this time. Slow travel means taking things easy and not rushing to do too much and tiring ourselves out. Interestingly, many of us come home from a vacation feeling more tired and worn out. Then we need another week or so to get recharged and refreshed. A vacation shouldn’t be overly packed with activities and a list of ‘must-do’s’ but it should achieve your objective of the vacation.

As you plan for a break before the year comes to an end, may you remember to give your body and mind a real break and be recharged for the new year.