soothe your back aches and pain with organic back soothe wellness oil

Those who have suffered from a bad back can agree with me the frustration and discomfort when the pain hits at the back muscles. It can impair mobility and affect our normal schedule and routine. Some people think that by sleeping over it, the pain will be gone. But little do they know that if nothing is done, the pain can get more intense and affect the other areas of the body including the legs and entire well being.

Back Soothe Wellness Oil

If you are looking for a natural treatment for your back aches and pain, have a look at this organic
Back Soothe Wellness Oil
that contains healing properties of Ginger, Marjoram, Black Pepper and Rosemary essential oils to reduce pain and inflammation naturally for immediate results.

As I often believe that testimonies speak more than the product claims, here are what some of the customers are saying about the Back Soothe Wellness Oil:

-FANTASTIC! I purchased this because I have so much back pain that usually I have to take a pain pill to sleep at night. Ever since I have purchased this oil, I put it on and am able to sleep w/out the pain pills. I’m THRILLED- THANK YOU!!

-I recently had to do quite a bit of lifting and moving and at the end of the day my muscles and my back were in a lot of pain. My wife told me to try your Back Soothe so she rubbed it on my muscles. It seemed like right away my pain was gone and that was great. I was most amazed that the next day I had no muscle pain. Usually, I would have had sore muscles and a sore back for about 3 days but there was absolutely no pain at all. Great product!


I have been using the joint support, the back soothe and having some almost immediate success with most of the patients I have used it with. I personally have used the joint support and the mega headache and the mega headache really helped tone down a whopper of a headache last week.

I had developed a severe case of shingles and tried everything but found no relief! A colleague of mine had given me a sample of Nature’s Inventory’s Back Soothe Wellness Oil a few months prior. I saw no harm in trying it, since nothing else seemed to be helping. I rubbed a few pumps of the oil onto my shingles. To my surprise, within 10-15 minutes the severe pain went to a very manageable and comfortable level. It did not completely take the pain away, but it did make it tolerable! I continued to use the oil regularly 2 times daily, and didn’t have to miss any work or activities! With continued use of the oil, it gave complete relief, and I found myself not feeling any pain! This is truly a marvelous oil! -LAWRENCE J. LAURYENAS, PSYCHOLOGIST CERTIFIED in HOMOTOXICOLOGY and HERBOLOGY.

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Fruit of pomegranate

Pomegranate image via Wikipedia

One of my favourite things is to pay a visit to organic and natural health store during my free time. These days, I notice alot of new fruit juices on the natural health store I frequently patronized. When I was a child, I used to ask my mom for those red flesh seeds in the pomegranate fruit and little do I know that this humble fruit is power-packed with lots of Vitamin C!

People are turning to nature for health solutions. For instance, Acai Berry is known to be packed with antioxidants and is harvested by Brazilians for hundreds of years as a food staple and for their rejuvenating and detoxifying properties. Acai Berry is now a popular ingredient in some weight loss pills!

Last month, I bought a bottle of mulberry juice, after learning about the mulberry fruit can benefit the kidneys, and treat weakness, fatigue, anemia, and premature graying of hair. It is also used to treat those suffering from urinary incontinence, tinnitus, dizziness, and constipation in the elderly and the anemic. I used to think of Mulberry trees as a nice little symbol for a brand retailer but with these interesting facts, I now understood why people are planting these health fruit trees!

I believe that more and more health supplements and nutritionals will continue to come from nature itself. And for all you know, you will soon be planting more fruit trees and herbal plants in your home garden!

are you geared to meeting your weight loss goals?

There are so many weight loss theories in and around the web these days. If you are geared to meeting your weight loss goals before the year comes to an end, then keep looking!

I was reading about the 3 hour diet that operates with the knowledge that if you do not feed your body accurately and regularly your body will go into what is called ‘starvation mode’. In this mode your body holds onto the fat rather than burning it up and consuming it for use. This means that your body is burning muscle rather than fat to take the energy it needs in order to function. Interestingly, with the 3 Hour Diet you will not feel hungry all the time, in fact, there are many who claim they are constantly setting alarms and reminding themselves to eat. What’s important is that you will learn the proper foods to eat in order to achieve the best possible results. The key is in learning which foods are right for you when dieting with this plan and not depend on weight loss pills.

I’m not sure how good this 3 hour diet is but if you do need something to help you meet your weight loss goals, you should start on an weight loss action plan and grab a copy of this weight loss and fat loss ebook.