watch out this season if you have acne

As the Christmas bells begin to ring this season, do watch out for your sinful indulgence! While I’m not going to say that you should ditch your chocolates and candies, I’m saying everything should be taken in moderation.

Turkey, roast ham, gourmet chocolates and log cakes, make sure you take time to maintain your beauty regime despite those late Christmas party nights. Late nights can affect your looks and skin so make sure you make it up with lots of pure water and fresh fruits amidst the season indulgence.

If you are one of those with acne problems, make sure you don’t neglect your acne treatment during this busy season. Those with serious acne problems should try to cut down on greasy and deep fried foods. Adequate sleep with a healthy lifestyle has been known to help with skin improvement. Keeping your skin healthy from the inside out is becoming popular as health experts encourage proper digestion, a clean colon and regular bowel system. Natural detoxification is said to be helpful if you are facing acne problems. So before the Christmas celebrations begin, get your body in check and whatever you do, remember that moderation is the key to al things.

get more sleep

In a few days’ time, I will be heading home after a 3 week family vacation in Japan and Hong Kong. I was initially hoping to get more sleep during this vacation but how many of you know that it is hard to sleep early when you are holidaying a busy city like Japan and Hong Kong.

According to my traditional chinese physician, late nights are not beneficial for those who suffer from respiratory ailments such as post nasal drip or sinusitis. Some people get too engrossed with home entertainment and their home theater sconces that they can be sleep deprived after spending too much time in front of the tv.

Just like most ladies who make sure they get their beauty sleep to look good and fresh, make sure you increase your snooze hours if you haven’t been doing that lately. Make that your new year resolution – for the good of your health. That will be one of my goals in 2009.

missing my organic cooking

Our family have been away from home for two weeks and apart from my own healthy cooking that I missed, I am enjoying our family vacation.

Somehow, when we are on the move, it’s hard to make sure that you eat a balanced diet every meal so I try to supplement my meals with healthy snacks whenever possible. It worries me most when my little boy isn’t getting enough veggies and fruits and the only way for me is to supply him with a good multi vitamin on a daily basis and an immune booster for those chilly days. I do hope to eat healthy even when we are moving about and sometimes, all I need is a supportive hubby who thinks along the same line as me! I’m missing my organic cooking…