my search for allergy relief

I’m one of those not so fortunate ones who is often on the lookout for allergy relief and allergy medications. This also led to my search for allergy treatment ever since I found out that I have skin allergies and allergic rhinitis.

It wasn’t easy to accept that I needed allergy medications at one time when my allergic rhinitis was driving me crazy. I didn’t like what my doctor said about my allergy condition and I refused to go on long term allergy medications. Since I continue my research for allergy relief which includes daily maintenance of fresh fruits and vegetables, adopting alternative therapies, avoiding dusty and smoky environments, investing in good air filters for the home and my search for dehumidifiers too. I did alot in my search for allergy relief. I didn’t want to go on anti histamines on long term.

Allergy sufferers need to focus on building the immunity and a combination so vitamins and supplements can aid on that. My daily musts for my allergy relief include 1000mg of Vitamin C, bifidus, oregano oil and flaxseed oil.

For your allergy relief, look into anti-dust mite pillows and even a vacuum cleaner that can wipe these allergens out.