Holistic treatment starts from a good night’s sleep

With our busy lifestyles, it is common for most people to have less than eight hours of sleep. For those who have sought holistic treatment for any health conditions, your naturopath would have reminded you to get a good slumber every night!

Do you know that when you sleep late, your liver produces cholesterol and this can lead to a rise in cholesterol levels. Lack of sleep can also bring your acne breakouts, headaches, migraine, body aches, respiratory sicknesses, worsen your allergies and dark eye circles! When we sleep, our energies are replenished and the body does its detoxification work. In other words, when you don’t get sufficient sleep, your body fails to detoxify effectively and the toxins are accumulated in your body. This gives rest to a host of ailments I mention earlier. Holistic treatment begins with a good night’s sleep, no wonder people are taking efforts to shop for good sleep number bed.

So if you have been trying hard to lower your cholesterol levels and getting rid of those acne breakouts on your head, why not try to add more sleep to your daily schedule and start this simple holistic treatment from home. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep or try to sleep before 11pm. According to many TCM doctors, the body starts its detoxification works after 11pm and when you allow your body to do that work, you feel more energized and rejuvenated.

Holistic treatment starts from a good night’s sleep. Start having yours.

holistic treatment for all

I have had many people who come to me whenever they need an advice or two on holistic treatment. Looking back, I had developed an interest in alternative therapies and natural health remedies six years ago when a couple friend introduced the concept of a full body detoxification to me.

As I speak to more friends and read more alternative health articles, I realized that more people are believing in the effectiveness of holistic treatment. The term ‘holistic’ usually refers to ‘completeness’ and ‘wholeness’. And I like to relate it to ‘wellness’, ‘organic’ or ‘natural’. It should bring benefits to the total wellbeing of an individual.

There are many holistic treatment options and sometimes the treatment can be as simple as listening to soothing music or reading an uplifting book. Personally, I like to read Christian books on parenting and that is a form of relaxation of the mind for me.

I will be talking more on holistic treatment in the next few posts….

natural acne treatment and acne scar healer

Being an enthusiast in natural health and alternative therapies, I have been reading up information on natural acne treatment and acne scar treatment. It seems to me that with our busy lifestyle and modern eating habits, more people are suffering from acne problems.

Perhaps with the current economic crunch, more people may suffer from insomnia, stress, anxiety which can all lead to a hormonal inbalance, thus contributing to the cause of acne. As I was speaking to my home insurance agent, I noticed that he had lost some weight and could see the stress in his eyes.

If you are an acne sufferer, it is important to control your stressors. Stress may not cause acne but it sure won’t make it better. Natural acne treatment is possible with the right eating habits and adjusting your lifestyle. Get enough sleep, keep your skin clean and well moisturize, eat right and get a natural acne treatment if need be.

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