Natural Health Remedies for Allergies

As spring is here, some of you may be searching for natural health remedies for your allergies. I know that sneezing, wheezing and teary eyes are no fun so here are some natural remedies to consider:

* Nettles is a longtime favorite of herbalists. is is rich in vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and chlorophyll.

* Marshmallow is soothing to all parts of the body it comes in contact with, and contains large amounts of vitamin A, calcium, zinc and also contains some iron, sodium, iodine, and B-complex.

* Acerola Cherry is excellent as an anti-histamine and has one of nature’s highest natural content of Vitamin C.[DFR::claritose-natural-relief-from-seasonal-allerg-6990|align_right_1]

* Cayenne contains quercitin, a natural antihistamine, which helps those with allergies and breathing problems.

* Ginger is a good pain reliever and fights asthma. Also when you can’t quit coughing, good to drink hot ginger tea or hot water with ginger and honey in it because ginger stimulates circulation and helps clear your sinuses and lungs of mucus.

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I once was told by a friend in the cell towers business that allergies can be inherited. They can run in the family. Also, if  a mother does not have enough nutrition from fresh foods available to her during pregnancy, or if she is stressed and does not eat healthy food during pregnancy, the baby may be more susceptible to allergies.

Stress has been proven to be a  major cause of allergies. This is the reason I believe, that alot of people begin getting allergies in their late 20’s and early 30’s. Stress weakens a person’s immune system, and causes over reaction to allergens. So perhaps one of the more important natural health remedies would be to get more sleep and rest.