Natural Health Remedies for Acne Treatment

In most case, natural health remedies and holistic treatment for any ailment tends to take longer as compared to the use of pharmaceutical drugs and solutions.

Alternative therapies include the use of plants, herbs and flowers with healing properties that are gentle in their effect. Though results won’t be overnight, it can work long term for the general wellness of the body. Many acne sufferers are also turning to holistic treatments and natural remedies as they are cheaper and safer in the long run.

There are a number of acne home remedies that have been mentioned in natural health practices. For a long time, I have used tea tree oil directly on breakouts, though for those with sensitive skin this may need to be diluted. I read that fresh cabbage juice can also be applied directly to acne blemishes, and this may be a better option for those with sensitive skin. An anti inflammatory skin wash can be made from home by using calendula and chamomile. Let it cool and keep it in the fridge. Spray or dab this onto the affected areas regularly. Some people have found success with acne treatment using lavender and elderflower. Vitamin C is excellent for encouraging the healing of acne lesions, as well as providing antioxidant support to the immune system.

These simple natural health remedies can be easily prepared and should not cause any side effects. But if your acne breakouts is serious and require more attention, it is always wise to seek a dermatologist or skin specialist.