Holistic Treatment For Acid Reflux

While I was hospitalized couple of weeks ago, the doctor also did a gastroscopy to confirm my reflux problem. This was after my complaints of stomach discomforts and a frequent irritating cough. I was sedated during the gastroscopy and the results confirmed that I had a mild acid reflux which explained those frequent burps and bloatedness after a heavy meal. Since, I have been reading on some holistic treatment on acid reflux as I also try to find out the types of food that tend to be more likely to trigger acid reflux symptoms.

Generally, acidic, fatty and spicy foods tend to promote gastroesophageal reflux. Also, coffee, alcohol, vitamin C and calcium supplements are gastric acid stimulants. If you consume these things, it is best to do so during the day and avoid them before bedtime. You may need to test if these foods can cause more reflux comforts as every individual may react differently to the causes.

Onions, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are known acid reflux stimulants, so are chocolate and peppermint. Milk and dairy items should be avoided at bedtime too. According to the doctor, eating smaller meals and drinking more water have all been shown to have good effects for coping with and managing acid reflux and related conditions.

Though there are a number of heartburn medications on the market, I strongly advise you to find simple solutions, such as avoiding certain foods, before you start medicating the problem. I had my medical term insurance during my time of hospitalization so the gastroscopy was done before the doctor decided on any treatment. You should always consult your doctor and discuss how your reflux problems can be treated.

Where holistic treatment is concerned, you may want to speak to a naturopath who can better advise you. When we treat the symptoms of a disease and do nothing for the underlying causes, it’s only a matter of time before the condition has additional symptoms.

So do ingest foods that help us and avoid the ones that can worsen the conditions. Start eating a little healthier and you should feel better, no matter how mild or severe your version of acid reflux is.

When We Need More Than Natural Health Remedies

I have been out for a few days last weekend. At 11am on Saturday morning, I had an unsual pain on my left rib which felt like someone poking me from the inside. As the pain got more intense, I decided to go to a doctor. With the current H1N1 virus infecting thousands of people worldwide, it’s good to find out why my fever had persisted for so many days and now, this piercing pain on the left rib. That was one occasion where I knew clearly that natural health remedies weren’t the cure for this pain – I needed immediate help!

After a brief examination, I was asked to do an xray and it turned out that I was having lung infection on the lower lobe of my lungs, which explained the pain. Without hesitation, I was asked to be admitted to the hospital. It wasn’t very easy to accept this news as I had never been hospitalized except the time when I gave birth to my son few years ago. The thought of admission was scary. I was even more afraid to be tested positive for H1N1.

After a couple of tests, I was confirmed negative for H1N1 but had a lung infection. The pain persisted for 24 hours but was soon lessened when I started the course of antibiotics. I had never had an intravenous drip of antiobiotics. I had never had so much drugs in a short span of time. I knew that wasn’t a time to get too fussy cos I just wanted to get well and go home! During the few days of pneumonia treatment, I never stopped my high dosage of Vitamin C, propolis and manuka honey in the hospital. I believed that I could use natural health remedies to fight the infection and heal faster.

I am thankful that after three days of treatment, I was allowed to go home as I continued my course of antibiotics. Looking back, what started as a persistent sore throat, an irritated cough and a fever had led to this lung infection. Pneumonia is iusually caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and mycoplasma. Symptoms of pneumonia include fever, chills, cough, bloody sputum, muscle aches, fatigue, sore throat, enlarged lymph glands in the neck, pain in teh chest, rapid or difficult breathing.

What some people don’t know is that Pneumonia is led by an upper respiratory infection such as a cold, flu or measles. A positive diagnosis of the disease can be made with a chest x-ray.

Now that I am back home and recovering, I’m working hard to boost my immune system with natural health remedies and supplements including a high dosage of Vitamin C with bioflavoids, Vitamin A, Probiotics (replace the friendly bacteria) and Propolis. I was also told that grape seed extract can help to boost the immune system and protects lung tisue. Other important vitamins include Vitamin B complex which helps to produce antibiodies and formation of red blood cells, Vitamin E that protects lung tissues and enhances oxygen utilization. Drinking lots of fresh juices and a healthy diet of vegetables and whole grains without refined sugar, white flour products are helpful during the recovery period.

There are times that we need more than just natural health remedies. If you are feeling sick or experience any unusual pain, discomfort or a fever that lasts more than 3 days, be sure to seek medical attention and help right away.

Natural Therapies and Alternative Health Remedies

Natural health remedies, natural therapy or naturopathy is becoming popular which refers to an alternative therapy using a combination of alternative medicines. The most common ones used are diet modification, different foods, dietary supplements and exercise. All of these alternative medicines are used together to cure the body naturally.[DFR::453428220-6374-ss|align_right_1]

Natural remedies, as the term suggests, exclude the use of major surgery and most conventional drugs. It focuses on helping the body to heal itself naturally. The healing power of nature works on 2 principles. Firstly, the body ha the ability to heal itself by building up the body resistance.

[DFR::PANICAWAY-mpfv1-cb|align_left_1]The main principle of “first do no harm” is practiced. When natural medicine is practiced it is important to recognize all symptoms. This is so that you can avoid any therapy that just hides the symptoms and does not aid natural healing.The second principle advocates that nature heals, which means many illnesses will heal up on their own utilizing the body’s own immune system. A common sense approach is employed, with getting enough sleep, exercising and eating nutritional food.[DFR::respitrol-natural-support-for-respiratory-hea-8992|align_right_1]

In natural health remedies, different forms of natural therapies and alternative medicine are combined, which will give your body a chance to heal itself. Natural therapy can eventually become a way of life. Once you are educated in the various ways your body can heal itself and stay healthy you can start putting them into practice. You can maintain a healthier lifestyle which in turn ensures that you will stay healthier have more energy and enjoy your life to the fullest. I was having a conversation with someone while buying office furniture and we agree that everything about the body must be taken into consideration for natural therapy to work.[DFR::461608112-6374-ss|align_left_1]

Usually a diagnosis is given and eradicating the root of the problem must be done to enable the healing process to begin. Not only the actual symptoms are treated, the entire body is treated and is taken into consideration. In natural therapy, preventive measures are applied as the ultimate goal of this treatment is to maintain health and build up your body health so that you naturally will not get sick. This includes eating foods which will increase your body’s immune system.