Healthy Diet Snacks – A Better Option

I enjoy reading magazines and books on organic, holistic and natural health therapies. Recently, I read that one of the effective ways to improve one’s diet is to change to a wholesome one which also includes healthy diet snacks. It is good to increase the fiber in your diet, which will clean out your colon of all negative weight loss inhibitors. This means that instead of eating refined or processed foods, you should eat whole grain foods like brown rice and whole wheat bread. These foods have more fiber and less trans fat and cholesterol.[DFR::455600165-7669-ss|align_right_1]

You should also increase your input of protein, minerals and vitamins. To do this it is good to eat more fruits and vegetables and substitute red meat for fish and chicken as they have less calories and fat and still provide more protein. For people who are seeking for holistic weight loss options, junk food should be eliminated. This includes candy, chips, popcorn, ice cream, milk shakes and soda. You can substitute fruits and vegetable snacks instead. Healthy diet snacks and shakes are healthier snacking choices instead of sodas and regular milk shakes. You will find this makes a huge difference in your sugar and fat intake. So when you are setting out your outdoor chairs and patio tables on the weekends, make sure you laid out some healthy choices and skip those salted chips and sugary snacks.[DFR::455600156-7669-ss|align_left_1]

When looking for diet snacks, look out for natural and healthy ones that can satisfy your hunger, supply your body with energy, and provide important nutrients for your body.

Natural Health Detox for Wellness

Your body should clean itself naturally, but today’s diets make that process difficult.  Many turn to internal body cleansing to rid the body of waste products and toxins.  A detoxification treatment is designed to help the body eliminate stored toxins and strengthen the organs involved in this process. One should seek for a natural health detox at least once a year for overall health maintenance.[DFR::461608114-6374-ss|align_right_1]

Colon cleansing helps clean the organ that assists the body in the elimination of waste.  A dirty colon can lead to a build up of toxins in the body and illness.  By using herbal treatments or irrigation therapy, a colon cleansing eliminates the toxins and helps the intestinal tract work properly. It is essential to do this cleanse first so that the waste produced by other detoxification procedures can be eliminated efficiently. Some people may resort to colon cleansing and diet pills that work for weight loss but on the wellness side, colon cleansing is part of the detox process.[DFR::456367404-6374-ss|align_left_1]

Do you know that your kidneys clean about 200 pints of blood daily.  A kidney cleanse will help your kidneys function more efficiently.  It usually involves consuming a very large amount of water or juice and then eliminating it all to flush the kidneys out.

Now comes the liver. Your liver completes about two dozen processes for the body daily, and cleansing this important organ helps the liver to help the immune system and support the body’s digestive functions.  There are several supplements and liver flush programs available.[DFR::456367403-6374-ss|align_right_1]

Finally, a skin cleansing releases the toxins lodged in the fatty layers just underneath the skin.  Most are performed with herbs, saunas and sweat lodges. A body scrub is necessary when performing a natural health detox.

Cleansing your body from toxins is a great way to keep your systems ‘clean’ and running smoothly.  The results are worth it for natural health detox: improved immune system, clearer skin complexion, better sleep, curing of acne, constipation, disappearance of unpleasant body odour, just to name a few!

Basic Natural Weight Loss

After being down for pneumonia a month ago, it’s time to rebuild my health and I’ve decided to go on a 3 day detox this week. Many people have successfully opt for detoxification as a natural weight loss option but it must be stressed that professional advice is needed if you have never done it before.

[DFR::455600136-7669-ss|align_right_1]As a rule of thumb, to lose weight naturally require you to be on a diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products and whole grains, alongside drinking a lot of water, at least 8-10 glasses a day.

Overweight can cause a lot of troubles to one personally alongside other health related issues. Studies have shown that overweight invariably leads to health issues such as hypertension, cardiac troubles, sleep apnea and diabetes. Further, being obese could affect a person’s self esteem and the freedom to move, run, or sit comfortably in a standard chair. The only way out of this mess is to shed those extra pounds around your waist by look into a natural weight loss plan and follow it patiently.[DFR::healthslim-natural-metabolism-booster-for-hea-8197|align_right_1]

You can seek help from dieticians and nutritionists in your natural weight loss plan. Most will suggest that you reduce the food intake to the appropriate amount. But it is the most difficult of the things to implement and it will take a lot of mental effort from your side to tune your mind. This is the same when it comes to healthy and natural detoxification.

[DFR::455600135-7669-ss|align_left_1]Reducing the food all in a sudden could affect one’s health so it should be done with professional guidance. When you reduce your food intake, you would need to adopt a healthier and balanced diet. As a rule of thumb, natural weight loss starts with a diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. Those with obese problems may need diet pills to assist their weight loss efforts but like I said, this should be accompanied by doctor or professional medical advice.

And finally, compliment your natural weight loss program with a fitness program to burn away those extra calories from the body. Make it a practice to spend 30 min exercising everyday. Rike a bike, attend a pilates class, pick up a sports, go for a swim or take a short stroll in the garden or in the street in the evening is also is advisable.[DFR::stretch-marks-treatment-effective-stretch-mar-5798|align_right_1]

To conclude, whichever healthy weight loss diet plan you choose, it will be hard work overall ñ both physical and mental ñ to shed those extra kilos you have gained over the years by hard eating. But the end result is worth all the efforts put in. And that will be a test of your mental resolve as well.