Natural Health Remedies and Sleep

I’m sure you have had advice from your parents to make sure you have eight hours of sleep everyday in order to function optimally. Well, natural health remedies practitioners often encourage one to go to sleep before eleven at night as the body needs to rest and rejuvenate after that.

[DFR::455288430-6374-ss|align_right_1]While some people function their best when they have ample sleep, others can do fine with just under six hours. Ever come across a moody when he/she has only few hours of sleep? Natural health promotes the benefits of a good night’s sleep. A good nights sleep can have a very positive affect on their overall state of mind. This could be because it helps people to think in a clearer and more positive way. The sleep helps bring more life and energy into people helping them to start fighting their problems and challenges.

[DFR::453647345-6374-ss|align_left_1]I enjoy snuggling under an electric blanket in a cold winter’s night and somehow, my kid sleeps better in a cold night! Some people actually find it hard to sleep when they are stressed or depressed. This is fully understandable.

Natural health practitioners suggest that reading a good book can help one to sleep better. However, I believe the subject of the book should be relaxed and easy for the mind too. Other suggestions include listening to soothing music and dwelling on positive and calming thoughts.