Boosting Your Self Image for Beauty

Let’s be honest here. Not everyone is born beautiful. Besides, beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder. Over the year, people spend lots of money to ‘buy beauty’ but you and I know that this is not possible. Whether it’s holistic treatment or not, you can’t ‘purchase beauty’ but you can do whatever in your own power to look good. Then who says that we have to be beautiful to be accepted anyway? What matters most is a positive self image and this can be learned. Below are some tips:

1. Use the right skin care even if you can’t find organic ones. Good skin care is easy. Soap or lotion and moisturizing are the two main ways of improving the look of your skin. Our skin runs pat dry due to lack of water especially during the winter season. You need to have at least eight to ten glasses of water everyday to moisturize your skin. It’s very important to protect your skin from the harmful ultra violet ray of the sun. Pick a moisturizer with sun protection because sun damage is the main factor that ages skin.

2. What to do if you have acne skin? One of the best ways to treat spots and acne treatments would be to use appropriate creams, soaps, cleansers and medications. It would be advisable to change products if you feel they are not working for your skin. If nothing works you can try antibiotics and specialized creams to get rid of them. You may want to try out organic skin care to avoid aggravating your skin.

3. No one likes bad odor and we are surely you too. One of the best ways to get rid of body odors is by having regular showers and wash. You could also try out Anti precipitants and deodorants spray to regulate your odor and sweat.

4. Get a nice haircut that suit your features and look. Discuss with your beautician a haircut which can go with your image. Use a shampoo that is appropriate for your hair type and makes your hair look good.

5. Keep a balanced diet. It’s very important to have a balanced diet to stay healthy. Your balanced diet should consist of fruits and vegetables. A proper balance diet keeps you healthy and improved your skin and hair. Avoid excessive fast food intakes.

6. Exercise is important. You need to exercise regularly to remain fit throughout the day. Join a gym or sports club can encourage you to exercise.

7. Wear neat and clean clothes to look smart and trendy. Picking the right colors say alot about you too. Consult an image consultant if you need to if you want to identity your color tones. Take care of your teeth and have a regular mouth wash. Keep you nails clean and avoid biting them.

While the above tips are just suggestions to improve your self image, they may help you to appear ‘beautiful’. The truth is, the best wrinkle cream may not even bring you better looks and more friends but a positive mindset does. Love with an open heart, have peace and let joy radiate from your inner self. These qualities are more important than outward beauty.

Holistic Treatment Using Acupuncture

In the previous, I wrote about a lady who lost weight after undergoing some holistic treatment using acupuncture. Since this discipline may not be very common amongst some people. Here is a brief overview of what acupuncture is all about.

For a long time, acupuncture is used to treat a wide range of ailments such as nausea, sinusitis, migraine headaches, lower back pain, knee pain, and chronic pain. Ancient Chinese texts also claim that the acupuncture can be used to treat minor mental and emotional problem such as anxiety disorder. For this reason, some even compare the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of acupuncture to the Western medical discipline of psychology. Both are seen as similar disciplines or therapy methods that have a positive effect on the mental health of patients.

The true benefits of acupuncture are found in its efficacy as a non-invasive, drug-free means of alleviating a number of physical ailments. It is also used in conjunction with traditional Chinese herbal cures that are perceived to be as effective as modern pills and medication. Weight watchers are turning to chinese herbs as they are concerned about the side effects of long term drug use. I’m not exactly sure how it can become a belly fat burner but I have heard from my acupuncturist that the results can be positive.

Acupuncture is concerned not only with providing cure to specific ailments. It is also used to determine the causes of physical discomforts and illnesses. Acupuncture practitioners make use of body charts that show the meridians or channels where internal energy flows to different parts of the body. These meridians correspond to the Western medicine layout of the central nervous system and circulatory system.

While research is still being made by Western doctors and other scientists to determine the efficacy of this Eastern alternative form of healing, the number of people seeking holistic treatment continue to rise. Even if acupuncture already accepted in different parts of the world as an alternative healing method, some quarters are still skeptical about its long-term effects.

Organic Health Using Essential Oils

Whenever the discussion on organic health is on, you can also hear mentions of the healing powers of essential oils. I have been using them for years now and I strongly recommend that you take a look at their healing properties.

Essential oils can be used for a variety of purposes. Aromatherapy, bath oils, medicinal uses, and massage are only a few of the typical uses for essential oils. For a natural, effective therapy, no matter what the purpose, there is most likely an essential oil available to suit your needs. When you buy essential oils, be prepared to pay a little more for pure potions. Some are labeled as ‘scented’ which mean it isn’t 100% pure organic oils. When used properly it only takes a very small amount to accomplish the task. If possible, buy organic ones.

Many skin care and body care products contain essential oils as more and more people recognize the healing properties of these essential oils. I was reading some murad reviews the other day and stumbled upon some useful information on how essential oils can benefit the skin. When thinking about aromatherapy essential oil there is a variety out there from which to make your choices. The purer an aromatherapy essential oil the more potent the therapeutic effects. There is a wide range of aromatherapy essential oils all with their own unique therapeutic qualities.

Here is some information help you decide to buy any essential oil. To start, your essential oils have to be diluted into base oils. Diluting will make the substance go further and last longer. Dilution of essential oils will not reduce the effects.

Massage therapy essential oils can be used in bath as part of your organic health regime. Since a nice warm bath can be a great way to unwind at the end of the day, what better way to relax than to include a product that will help in many more ways, from rejuvenating the spirit and the mind to conditioning the skin. It is important to note that oil will cause the surface of the tub to become very slick, so use caution when exiting the tub and be sure to wash the tub out thoroughly when finished to avoid an accident the next time you bathe.

Many holistic body care products contain essential oils and different oils deliver different benefits. For relaxing purpose, try out lavender. For antiseptic and clearing the mind, peppermint is a good choice. Eucalyptus is great for colds, breathing and clearing sinuses. A combination of peppermint and eucalyptus is good for cold and cough season.