Alternative Therapies and my Mom

As my love and knowledge for alternative therapies continue to grow, I feel more confident and at ease when I’m under the weather. My mom used to get frantic over a little throat clearing or sniffles but I often have to assure her that everything is under control.

It is hard to convince her why alternative therapies work better in the long run for certain ailments. She is that kind who is skeptical about vitamins and supplements and she even considers them ‘medicine’. It’s only of late that she began to understand why some supplements really work for certain diseases. Take for instance her knee joint pain that she’s been complaining about lately. For years, I have been buying her glucosamine supplements till she reprimanded me on one occasion. So I stopped buying them for her. Months later, she was having so much pain in her knee and her doctor actually told her that the painkillers ain’t going to solve her problem. He suggested taking glucosamine and not long after that, she told me about this. Finally she opened her heart and mind to alternative therapies and started her glucosamine supplements again. This time, it’s on her own accord and she hasn’t complained since. Infact, her knee pain has shown much improvement too.

As I looked back, it’s interesting to note how I used to ask my mom how to get rid of blackheads when I was a teenager and now that I’m a grown up, she would ask me about alternative therapies that will help her with some common ailments. And I’m so happy to share my knowledge with her and this time, she doesn’t need much convincing anymore.