Holistic Treatment for Acne

Sometimes we are lured to think that only ladies care about how they look and men don’t. Well, the truth is, men or women, we are care about our physical appearance because it says alot about us at work or at play. It is interesting to note that it’s not only the ladies who are keen to learn more about holistic treatment but men are beginning to catch up with this knowledge.

[DFR::455288443-6374-ss|align_right_1]You can see that men are also checking themselves in for facials now. They do care about those pimple spots on their face and what they can do to eliminate them! They don’t like those acne scars and will also make efforts to learn how to treatment those unsightly marks. I can say that cos the man in my house often asks me for advice when he has a pimple on his face! I would often pass him my tea tree oil and a dab on the pimple can often solve his problem. Men do look for blackhead treatment or anti wrinkle cream too! Even holistic treatment centres are filled with an equal gender of male and female.

[DFR::heal-acne-9249|align_left_1]For some holistic treatments on treating acne, it is good to consume fresh vegetables and fruits, antioxidant rich vitamins like the Vitamin A and C can help in the prevention of acne and other infections. Mild exercises like stretching and walking improves the circulation of blood and helps to fight against acne. Exercise also relieves stress in one way and this property helps to prevent acne.

Organic Health and the Skin

My son loves to talk to me before he goes to bed every night. Last night, he told me that he didn’t want to grow old. I was shocked to hear that from a five year old boy. I mean, he’s only five and he isn’t keen about growing old. I thought to myself that growing old must be pretty scary for some people, including a little child. As I move in to my forties, I found myself paying closer attention to my skincare and these days, I try to stick close to organic health products.

In the last few years, more women are becoming aware of organic skincare and you can see that in the beauty department in a store. In fact many brand owners have begun to introduce organic ingredients into their existing range of products as people become more informed about their skin health. I recalled my search for an age spot removal during one of my trips to Singapore and was happy to discover a couple products made with organic ingredients. I wouldn’t mention the brand at this moment as I’m still trying out the product.


When it comes to organic health, it’s no longer centered on the physical body alone. There are lots of good organic skin health products and one of my favourites is Dr Hauschka. Made of organic ingredients, the range of skincare products from Dr Hauschka promotes natural rejuvenation and holistic skin health. If you are new to Dr Hauschka products, you won’t be disappointed with the Skin Regenerating range that is responsible for promoting youthful appearance.

Natural Health Remedies: Tomatoes

Nature has its answers to many things and Mother Earth has many natural health remedies that lead us to better health. I’m sure you have heard of this saying, “We are what we eat”. If this saying is true, we should pay special attention to what we put inside our mouths.

Our mothers often remind us to eat our greens. But I recalled my love for tomatoes when I was a little girl. I would open the fridge and munch on a tomato. It was a delicious fruit to me! Tomatoes have countless health benefits that have made it a significant addition of diets throughout the medical world. It is low in calories, and makes an excellent choice for people who want to lose weight and improve their overall health. Because of its nutritional benefits, tomatoes are considered by many as a medicinal food as lycopene, one of the most potent antioxidants in nature are found it tomatoes. The prenatal vitamins I took in the past had lycopene as one of the ingredients too! Antioxidants are important in both humans and plants and may help prevent cell damage that can be caused by oxidative stress.

As natural health remedies, lycopene is vital antioxidant that helps fight cancerous cell formation and other kinds of health ailments. This component is responsible for the tomatoes’ red color and also contains its disease-fighting properties. Do you know that lycopene is essential in preventing the development of many cancers and other health ailments.