Natural Remedies for Beauty

Every woman takes time to style her hair and does her nails and makeup every morning as part of her beauty regimen but does she takes time to eat foods that provide her that glowing and youthful appearance? Natural remedies and holistic treatments are here to stay and the foods we eat play a big part to our overall health and outward appearance.

One of the beauty foods is the beautiful and plump red tomato that is known for its lycopene. This carotenoid is responsible for the tomato’s red color and it is said to be better with a little processing. Tomatoes also provide beta carotene, calcium, iron, lutein/zeaxanthin, magnesium, potassium, vitamins C and E. Lutein, another carotenoid is said to be a sun protection nutrient and calcium helps to give you stronger teeth.

As I continue to search the web for more natural remedies and holistic treatment, I found more alternative remedies such as the Irvingia Gabonesis which refers to a fruit resembling the juicy mango that I love. It is said that the fruit can help to lower blood pressure and href=””>click here if you want to find out more.

Blueberries are also a beauty food that does alot to protect collagen and the credit goes to the anthocyanins that are present in these little berries. Packed with Vitamin C and E, potassium, lutein/zeaxanthin and ellagic acid, Vitamin C helps to build collagen and its the body’s water-based antioxidant, with vitamin E serving as C’s fat-based antioxidant partner.

Holistic Treatment for Stress

There’s a common word that we often hear as we mingle with our family and friends. Ask why they are looking so tired and the common answer is related to ‘stress’. It is no wonder why more people are seeking for holistic treatment to treat this modern life illness.

[DFR::461608108-6374-ss|align_right_1]Stress is very common nowadays with the nature of work and standard of living that we have. Everything is fast paced and because of this people often fail to recognize signs of stress, thus, resulting to serious health problems including heart trouble and hypertension. Stress is a psychological, emotional and physical problem. It lowers the level of your emotional state and makes you feel depressed. Most people are stressed because of the highly competitive environment in their hobs. Here are some examples: Having to act and perform tasks in a way that contradicts to your value system can cause stress. An unfriendly work environment does not only conflict with your productivity but it may also cause serious health problems and complications. These days I receive lots of direct mail marketing brochures focusing on health products that help to counter stress and insomnia. Holistic treatment for stress tend to tackle the psychological and mental health.[DFR::453428219-6374-ss|align_left_1]

Taking a short vacation can be helpful for the stressful soul. Other holistic treatment can include the use of lavender essential oil to calm your tired mind before you go to bed. Play a soft, soothing music at the break of the day and sip a cup of chamomile tea to calm you down. In most instances, ‘letting go’ and laying down your worries is the first step to overcome stress. If you can’t seem to manage stress and it’s causing you too much distress, seek the help of a psychiatrist.

Natural Health Remedies for Healthy Hair

It is not uncommon that many of us spend money to protect our skin and health but we tend to neglect our hair health. There are many natural health remedies that aim towards better hair health and that involves a healthy diet and pampering the hair with good massage oi

For beautiful and strong hair, hair oil should be massaged into your scalp and be left overnight. You can also use a steamed towel to cover your hair for half an hour for best results. This gives your hair a shiny and lustrous look. I know of a good friend who goes to sleep with coconut oil on her hair twice a week. As such, she has nice black hair and that good old coconut hair oil therapy seems to slow down the growth of grey hair. In the past, I used to think that my wooden office furniture needs oiling but who knows that my hair does need some tender loving care too!

Massaging your hair and scalp stimulates the blood circulation, which in return helps your hair. The oil protects your hair from the strong and hot sun rays. The oil also gives your hair that extra shine. Some of the most natural health remedies and beneficial oils which are being used for beautiful healthy hair are:

Jojoba Oil – can be used for dry hair as it helps to moisturize your hair properly. It helps to soften your hair and can be used to detangle your hair before shampooing.

Olive Oil – strengthens your hair and nourishes it due to inherent qualities it has. It helps to reduce stress and promotes the idea of healthy hair by providing elasticity to your hair.

Coconut Oil – is one of the oil which helps in the lubrication of the hair. The content in coconut oil like magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron happens to provide the best for your hair. It is very useful for damaged hair due to its ability to strengthen it.