Natural Health Remedies for Insomnia

When searching for natural health remedies for insomnia, I learned that traditional medicine offers many alternatives for people who have suffered from serious insomnia. Ask someone suffering from chronic insomnia and you will learn that sleeping pills are a commonly prescribed remedy.

Although they do adequately treat the insomnia, they also often have serious side-effects. One of the most serious side-effects is that they can be addictive. It becomes a trade-off for those who choose this approach. Although their insomnia is treated, they become dependent on medication and in some cases have to stay on that medication for the rest of their lives. I was shopping for designer ties when I stumbled upon a friend I had not met for years. She has been suffering from Insomnia and had recently turned to natural health remedies.

There are natural alternatives that a person can take to treat the insomnia. Some of these are in the form of a pill or a tablet which consists of a combination of herbs. Herbal teas are another popular choice for people who suffer from sleep problems. You simply brew a pot of the fragrant tea and sip it shortly before bed. The soothing effects of the tea lull you to sleep without the chemicals associated with traditional sleep medication. Many people turn to when they suffer from the occasional bout of insomnia is to warm a glass of milk. There is a chemical that is released in milk once it is heated. This chemical is called tryptophan and it works to relax the body and help you to drift off to sleep.

Celery as Natural Health Remedy

Lately, I have been making a point to drink at least one glass of fresh juice daily. Personally, I believe that fresh fruit juices are a fantastic natural health remedy for anyone.

Vegetable juices contain lots of vitamins and minerals and I’m making an effort to add a vege into my fruit juices each time. One of my favourite is celery which is known for its many natural health benefits. Celery is an excellent source of Vitamin C that is essential for promoting a healthy immune system. It also helps alleviate the symptoms of colds. Vitamin C inhibits free radical damage that may trigger inflammatory conditions like asthma and arthritis. This vitamin is also beneficial in promoting a healthy cardiovascular system.

Some women go on a fruit and juice fast so that they can lose weight. I read about brides to be doing that so that they can fit into their on their big day. Medical research shows that celery contains active compounds called pthalide that are essential in reducing the blood pressure. The benefits of celery in reducing blood pressure is also attributed to its high contents of potassium, magnesium, and calcium. High consumptions of these minerals have been associated with reduced blood pressure.

As far as natural health remedies are concerned, celery also contains important concentrations of plant hormones and other essential oils that may regulate the nervous system and promote a sense of relaxation Some studies also claim that the celery is may also promote stimulating and positive effects on the sexual system. Because of the many health benefits of celery, regular consumption of this vegetable is encouraged by many nutritionists and other health experts.

Natural Health Remedies for Pain Relief

Who likes to experience pain and aches when you land your feet in the morning the moment you got out of bed? It’s good to know of some natural health remedies for pain management as there are times you may not have any pain killers with you.

During the early times, the treatments used for various illnesses or diseases are taken from resources that are naturally found in the environment. Nowadays, certain synthetic chemicals have already been developed by chemists or scientists. The previously used form of treatment is still available, however. These treatments are usually used by people who are afraid of experiencing side effects from medicine drugs or by those who wish not to spend so much on medical treatment. As expected, there are also natural forms of pain relievers. When I having a painful heel during my last vacation, it was agonizing. Travel and medical insurance would be helpful when you travel but problem is, we tend to think more about cheap auto insurance than medical/travel.

Salicin of the white willow bark is a popular natural remedy for relieving pain. The extract taken from the bark of the white willow is widely known in China to be a good cure for relieving body pain as well as for lowering fevers. The active ingredient contained in the extract of the white willow is salicin which is converted within the body into salicylic acid. This kind of acid is said to decrease the levels of prostaglandin which are substances known to cause pain and inflammation. For this reason, the white willow has been known to treat acute and chronic types of pain such as those that characterize headaches, backaches, and menstrual cramps. The white willow has also been acknowledged to have good anti-inflammatory properties, thus, making it a good treatment for arthritis.