Natural Remedies for Menopause Symptoms

As women reach the prime of her life, she needs to be equip with the right knowledge on menopause and it’s natural remedies.

During menopause, many women suffer from mood swings. In an effort to reduce this occurrence, many turn toward relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to help maintain a healthy balance. In addition, many find that yoga exercises are beneficial in teaching relaxation, breathing and other positive goals.

There are also a number of herbal remedies, which can be explained by a physician or through reading various books dedicated to the treatment of menopause. A physician would be an excellent source of information relating to the various menopause natural remedy treatments that would be the safest and most effective for each individual patient.

The symptoms of menopause vary from one woman to another, but most commonly include hot flashes, sleep disturbances, menstrual irregularity, back and muscle pain, irritability, fatigue and mood swings. If a women begins to experience any or all of these symptoms, she should visit a local physician in order to confirm the diagnosis and obtain a recommended treatment method. Some may feel distressed and experience weight gain and this is the time where they will seek for the best diet pills to look better.

Menopause natural remedies can include acupuncture, hot or cold packs for aching back muscles, aromatherapy, relaxation techniques and improved sleeping habits. During menopause, sleep disturbances are very common. In order to help make each night a more restful one, individuals often try to make their accommodations more comfortable. This is the perfect menopause natural remedy for improved sleep and is often accomplished by making sure the temperature is comfortable in the room, the use of cotton betting and a comfortable mattress, an air purifier to make the air clean and cool, etc.

A Balanced Lifestyle for Moms

It’s so easy to fall into the mommy guilt trap. We feel guilty if we take time for ourselves, so we end up taking care of everyone in the family but us. It’s easy to lose ourselves in the quest to become a good mom. Along the way we get stressed out and aggravated. Itís important to do something just for us to stay balanced moms. Here are some ways for you to get started on living that balanced lifestyle:

Spend time with some girlfriends. One of the best ways to rediscover yourself is to spend some time with your girlfriends each week. Have lunch together, discover weight loss drinks and discuss beauty updates, go to the movies to watch the latest show, or plan a girl’s night out every once in a while.

If you are having a bad day, call one of your girlfriends to vent, or just chat. Youíll be surprised how much better you feel and how it puts things back in perspective that seemed like the end of the world a few minutes ago.

Spend a romantic weekend with your spouse ñ anywhere but at home. Go away for a romantic weekend with your spouse a few times a year. Rekindle your passion for each other and feel in love again, instead just partners in dealing with the everyday ìstuffí involved in raising kids.

Go on a date every week. Get a sitter once a week and go on a date with your significant other. Spend some time reconnecting with each other. If you have an activity that you both enjoy, take a class together.

Pamper Yourself. Do something every week to pamper yourself. Go get a new haircut. Visit your favorite nail saloon for a manicure, pedicure or to get your nails done. Call your favorite day spa and schedule a facial. Get a massage.

Holistic Treatment and Products for Your Body

These days, more people are more informed about using natural products in their personal care. Holistic treatment products are usually sold in health and organic stores and they all boast of natural ingredients that are good for the body.

With commercial products, most shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals and synthetic products. In shampoos, that means it can over clean your hair and strip it of its precious oils. I was helping a friend with some funeral arrangements for the family and we ended up with a discussion on how chemicals can be detrimental to our overall health in the long run. We both agree that hair that is stripped of natural oils need condition to replace these oils. It can harm the scalp and hair follicles. It is the same with laundry detergents. They are loaded with fillers and less actual soap so that they can sell you more detergent. It’s a money making strategy that has worked so they will continue to do so.

Now if you are like most people, you’ve read the labels but donít have a clue as to what the ingredients really are and what their function is. Here it is in laymanís terms:

1) Distereate and propylene glycol or glycol are petroleum based (crude oil). They are very cheap which is why they are widely used in the cosmetic industry.

2) Isopropyl alcohol is another very cheap solvent.

3) Propylparaben or Methylparen are preservatives that are synthetic. The human body typically does not understand synthetic, it understands organic.

4) Cetearyl alcohol is an emulsifier and it can be natural or synthetic. Synthetic is often used because itís cheaper and easier to produce.

These petrochemicals are absorbed through the skin, then down through the organs and tissues. Many believe that long term exposure to these toxins can cause permanent damage anywhere in the body, and yet, governments have sided with big industry to not require them to disclose what these products contain or what they really are. Instead we have big fancy names you can hardly pronounce let alone understand. So choose holistic treatments and products for your family if you can afford and you can see how it can benefit your health.