Natural Health Remedies and Gout Facts

When my hubby was struck with a gout flare early this month, it was a scary experience for us. After doing some research on natural health remedies for gout, I bought him some supplements to keep his gout at bay.

Recent findings have revealed the fact that low-fat dairy products have an important role in both preventing and overcoming the undesirable effects of gout. It seems that milk proteins help the body excrete the excess of uric acid, the primarily responsible substance in the occurrence of gout. Statistics indicate that people who follow low-fat dairy regimens are two times less likely to develop gout than people who donít consume dairy products at all. In order to prevent the occurrence of gout, nutritionists recommend drinking around two glasses of skim-milk each day.

People who are at risk of developing gout are advised to limit the intake of meats such as pork, beef, lamb and duck. Seafood also contains high levels of purines and thus it should be avoided as much as possible. Organ meats such as liver, heart and kidney should be permanently excluded from oneís diet, as they considerably increase the risk of gout. In addition, people at risk of gout should limit the consumption of alcohol, as it greatly contributes to the development of the disease. In fact, taking too much high protein food may not be good for those who have weight issues too. So besides taking vitamins for weight loss, you need to watch your diet too.

Although vegetables are a lot healthier than meat products, as they contain non-saturated fats and natural fibers, they can sometimes increase one’s risk of developing gout, as they also contain purines, which add to the body’s production of uric acid. However, a regimen based on fresh salads and vegetables is a lot healthier than meat-based diets. In order to help the body excrete the excess of uric acid, people at risk of developing gout are advised to drink at least two liters of water each day.